Claude Monet - Twilight, Venice 1908

Twilight, Venice 1908
Twilight, Venice
1908 73x92cm oil/canvas
Bridgestone Museum of Art, Ishibashi Foundation

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From Bridgestone Museum of Art:
In October of 1908, Monet visited Venice with his wife Alice, at the invitation of a friend. To Monet, distressed by his declining eyesight and worsening health, the trip provided a welcome change of scene. Venice, which had fascinated many artists from the Renaissance on, held Monet in its thrall. By December, he had produced over 30 paintings. He took them all back to his studio at Giverney, where he gradually completed them. In May of 1912, he held an exhibition consisting entirely of 29 paintings of Venice. In this member of that series, the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, which is located on an island, floats on a sea painted by the setting sun. From blue and green to orange and back to blue and green, the sky and sea are indeed a symphony of colors.