Claude Monet - The Grand Canal 1908

The Grand Canal 1908
The Grand Canal
1908 73x92cm Oil on canvas
National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London

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From the National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London:
Prompted by a period of creative frustration, in 1908 Monet decided to travel to Venice. He had originally intended to make just a short visit. Eventually, enamoured with the place, he stayed for three months.
Once there, as he had done in France, Monet painted in series. This work is one of six views of Santa Maria della Salute, seen on this occasion from across the Grand Canal on the steps of the Palazzo Barbaro where he and his wife had lodgings.
Now a respected painter who enjoyed considerable commercial success, Monet had the freedom to pursue his artistic goals more tirelessly than ever. Though he worked energetically, producing numerous canvases, he only finished his views of Venice back home in France. He revisited the city in 1909 to look once more at the light effects and he did not display the pictures in public until 1912.