Claude Monet - View of Cap d'Antibes 1888

View of Cap d'Antibes 1888
View of Cap d'Antibes
1888 65x80cm oil/canvas
Hill-Stead Museum, Farmington

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From Hill-Stead Museum, Farmington:
Monet did not join the Impressionists in their last joint exhibition in Paris in 1886. Instead he began to take advantage of the expanded railway system and traveled throughout France, from the rugged Atlantic coast of Brittany to the warm Mediterranean and the Cap d’Antibes, in search of subjects that evidenced his ties to the French countryside. At Antibes, he painted a group of 35 canvases that captured the jewel-like tones of that sunny region in thick paint and short, almost “pointillistic” brushstrokes. Hill-Stead’s View of Cap d’Antibes is one of these examples.