Claude Monet - The Seine near Giverny 1885

The Seine near Giverny 1885
The Seine near Giverny
1885 64x92cm oil/canvas
Museum of Art, Rhode Island, Providence, USA

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From Museum of Art, Rhode Island:
In spring 1883, Monet rented a house in Giverny, a rural town about fifty miles north of Paris. He later purchased the property from his landlord, having found the locale that would serve as his ultimate inspiration. In 1885, he painted a branch of the nearby Seine, close to the point where it is joined by the river Epte. In The Seine at Giverny, densely massed foliage on opposite banks casts mirror images upon the still water. Unifying blue-grey light blurs the contours of the trees and casts a poetic veil over the composition. While based on close observation of nature, the painting suggests a reverie of softened and abstracted forms.